Best Practices

Photo: © 2014 Toni Cervantes

SightLife cornea recipient Prakash

Eye banking is both a noble social cause and an emerging medical profession. A key role for SightLife India is to support the eye banking cause by facilitating the sharing of best practices and developing programs to support the professional growth of eye banks in India.

SightLife India has been able to research the sixty years of eye banking experience, develop case studies on many eye banks across India and the world, and work closely with leading eye banks in India. Out of this experience and research we have identified nine key success factors critical to the success of any eye bank. We welcome you to review them by clicking on the icon below.

Based on these success factors SightLife India has developed a comprehensive set of programs, an “Eye Bank in a Box”, to enable passionate and dedicated institutions or communities to establish an eye bank or develop their existing eye bank. Please contact us if you are interested.